Total health transformation – here I come!

Within just a week or two of taking the products, Gracilia, Purifica and Salustra – big changes began to occur! Initially I hoped to simply increase my energy levels – that would have been wonderful. This certainly has happened and it continues to increase each day! I also noticed that my blood sugar levels stablised, my ‘brain fog’ lifted, my body shape began to change and I lost a few pounds too. This was in a matter of weeks.

I am excited about what other benefits I will see as the months progress. Total health transformation – here I come.

Salustra saved my running and possibly my sanity!

I have been suffering with endurance and injuries for months and nothing was working. I’d rested, been to a chiropractor and physio but still had pain. After a few weeks on Salustra I noticed I could get up in the morning and walk down stairs without the usual aches. I started back to my local gym and was amazed at the speed and endurance I had on the exercise machines, the results were the best I’d had in years.

Salustra has saved my running and possibly my sanity as i was climbing the walls not being able to exercise

My only regret is not having Salustra 10 years ago!
Being a professional athlete means that you are always in the spotlight, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential. For the last 15 years I have taken many nutritional supplement along the wa, the reason why I take Salustra every day is because, not only is it packed with essential vitamins and minerals that my body needs, my fitness levels and stamina have increased and my recovery from training and exercise has never been as good.
I feel healthier, playing 2 to 3 games a week is no longer a problem, my only regret is not having Salustra 10 years ago

Salustra is an Excellent Product!

As a professional footballer, I am constantly on the go either training, playing or coaching. Its important to me that I look and feel my best and since taking Salustra I feel so much better, my recovery is quicker , my energy levels are higher and with the increase in oxygen in my body, the aches and pains have most definitely eased.

WI know people of all ages that are taking and enjoying the benefits of this excellent product, I would recommend it to anyone.

Salustra is vital for us!

We both lead busy lives juggling our time between working and looking after our children. We like to keep fit and health and Salustra is vital for us to maintain our bodies natural ebergy production and have fast recovery from training and exercise.

We now use Salustra products as part of our daily routine

Salustra has given us increased energy!

I’m in my late 60’s and I run a dance school Derek, my husband is 75, and as an accountant he helps me with the administration for my business. Although Derek had heart surgery 10 years ago and i have had 3 operations for breast cancer, nothing is going to slow us down. Since taking Salustra we have both felt the benefits of increased energy and now we teach up to 4 classes a day.

We can’t wait to try the new products

Purifica is quite honestly amazing!

Roy – Since taking Salustra and Purifica I have noticed as quite remarkable increase in my energy levels. Purifica has realy sorted out my digestive system. I am now starting to think healthy as well, it is a life changer

Tina – I have had three hip operations in the last 6 years and have been in constant pain. Aince starting on Salustra I am pain free for the first time in 10 years. We are both in our 60’s and now we both have bundles of energy. Purifica is quite honestly amazing, and we no longer ssuffer from indigestion.

We are losing weight and feeling great, we arle looking forward to the future

As a 63yr old type 2 diabetic marathon runner, I was keen to try Salustra!

I started taking the products in June 2015 and have found that it boosts my energy levels and speeds up recovery after hard training sessions. I am now able to train harder and longer than I have done for the last 20 years. I have also found that I am able to control my diabetes better and as a recent check up has confirmed, my blood glucose levels, cholesterol and blood pressure have all significantly reduced.

I would highly recommend the Salustra range of products for anyone looking to improve their fitness levels and just all-round well-being

Salustra gives me more energy and less aches and pains!

I started taking the products every morning, it gives me more energy and less aches and pains after my daily 5 mile run. Now my wife Sonia and son Jack are enjoying the benefits of taking the products everyday too.

We are looking forward to the new product launches

Salustra ticks all the correct boxes
Since my wife and I started taking Salustra, we have noticed our energy levels have increased and our overall health is much better
As a diabetic, it was important to choose a product which didn’t affect my blood sugar levels

As a Professional Golfer Salustra helps with my stamina and concentration!

As a pro golfer, stamina and mental concentration over a long period of time play a huge part in achieving results. Taking Salustra on a daily basis clearly helps the blood flow around the body and has definatly increased my energy levels and stamina during tournaments. This in turn has only helped my mental state of mind when decision making, especially towards the end of the round.

I would urge anyone who wants to perform anything at a higher level to use these products

I was delighted when these Nutritional Products were launched!

I’ve been taking Salustra for 2 months and the affects are incredible. I had a Calcium Deposit (Lump) on the palm of my hand which I previously thought nothing of, until I was fortunate enough to meet Colin, where he explained about good and bad Calcium and the affects it has on our bodies. By taking Salustra the lump has reduced in size by about 80% along with the pain it was causing.

In addition I am bouncing full of energy and just know that my cardiovascular health is improving day by day

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My metabolic age came out at a full FIFTEEN years lower than my biological / actual age!

I’m a bit of a funny one because I’m disgustingly healthy and have been for years so I always struggled what I could say about any supplements (except that I believe taking them is what has kept me so healthy). However I’ve been taking Salustra for 10 (?) months now, and last week I had a Tanita Health Monitor check. It measures body fat, visceral fat, BMI, muscle mass and body water analysis – but most importantly (for me) Metabolic Age.

My metabolic age came out at a full FIFTEEN years lower than my biological / actual age. All my other measurements were in the “green” ranges. Sadly I don’t have a “before” age, but I was very pleased about that.

I dropped a dress size !

I Took Gracillia along with exercise and adjusting portion sizes to drop a dress size.

What was incredible was that although I watched my portions, by taking Gracillia 30 minutes before each meal made me feel full, the bonus to that is I stopped snacking “

What a great program, the best thing i have seen for year

Salustra gives us the energy we need!

Grandma Wendy and mom of 2 Ami , we take Salustra every day which gives us the energy to work out at the gym ,look after the grandchildren and live our lives with vitality .

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“One glass a day of pure healthy ingredients our body can’t do without”

“I have been taking Salustra since its launch at the end of 2015. One glass a day of pure healthy ingredients our body can’t do without. It makes me both feel and think brighter during busy workdays. I also noticed improvements to my skin and eyesight – things people over 50 are very happy to experience”.

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“I am now back in training and no longer need to have an operation”

“I was told that I could no longer participate in triathlons or any running events due to a badly torn meniscus and inflammation. I was put on a long waiting list for an operation but in the meantime was given Licentia and Salustra.

I am now back in training and no longer need to have the operation, thanks to these amazing products.”

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“I am a 53 year old mother and grandmother.”

Salustra products have rejuvenated me. I work full time and spend most of my spare time with my grandchildren. This is Jamie and me enjoying a Helicopter experience. I used to find being woken up by molly (2) and jamie (3)  a chore as I had no energy and lasting the day without a nap was a real challenge.

I find I am now bursting with energy from morning till night, I am finally sleeping through the night, I am making healthier decisions & losing weight. Licentia helps with my joints and movement, Purifica sorted my acid reflux out and Salustra gives me energy and a clear mind all day long. I feel rejuvenated and regenerated, back to looking feeling and having fun like I used to. I am myself again and a much better wife, mother & grandmother.

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