As a ‘Newbie’ Crypto Trader and part of the Beta Testing of this DigieBot Trading Platform – I love it!

I can set my trades up then forget about them and just check on things periodically.

Perfect platform for any newcomer to benefit from an automated trading system.

Together, with all the new features coming – this is going to be an amazing way to corner the Crypto Market.

Thank you for letting me be part of history and making the ‘Digie Magic’ happen.

I am absolutely thrilled with digie.

Everything I have learnt since the start of this massive project has been a pleasure and an honor to be a small part of the testing and development crew.

This trading bot is revolutionary in its operation and its ability to have non experienced traders participate successfully beyond their wildest expectations.

Congrats to all involved.

A Crypto Traders Dream“ Being with digieBot trading software since its inception, investing in crypto would be impossible for me.

Between my business, job and family, I don’t have the time to be constantly checking the markets. Digie automatically trades by itself.

The power in the development team is no were to be found on this earth. All their hard work, dedication and scarifies.

Thank you, truly does not say enough for Doug, Abbas, Brendan and the entire programming team. digieBot has changed my life forever!

To my knowledge, this is the only place where you can take advantage of 35+ years of trading experience on auto-pilot.

I personally love to set it and forget it, and then check in and see the many positive trades, which have equaled way more than otherwise.

I am super excited about where Digie is today and where it will be in the years to come.

Thank you for such a brilliant, intricate, easy to use trading bot.

I have been with the digieBot Project from the start, I am part of the Team involved with the testing, feedback and observations for about a year and a half.

From my experience, I can say that the time and effort expended by our Executive Team, Developers, Programmers, and their families is deeply appreciated.

Their transparency, personal ethics, and technical expertise is unparalleled and has resulted in a product that will change the Crypto world!

I love that Digie automatically accumulates coins for me and when the market slides, he simply moves my trade to Long Term Hold (LTH) and waits for the coin to come back into profit.

As a digieBot user, I know that hold may take hours, days, or maybe months.

Either way, the coins belong to me and I know I can always choose to override that wait.

digieBot is simple to use and fun to watch!


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