Precious metals should be part of every portfolio

  • 100% ownership
    Your bars will be allocated to you with numbers.
  • Secure
    Your metals will be stored in a high-security save.
  • Affordable
    Buy parts of bars from 1 Euro, at up to 15% less
  • Quality guarantee
    We sell only newly cast bars of precious metals.
  • Buy-back guarantee
    Full buy-back guarantee for all precious metals.

Everyone should be able to own Gold in the safe or in your home. Auvesta offers access to physical Gold and secure storage starting at €25 per month, with flexible options to the amount you prefer to store at the safe with Brink’s at any location in the world.

Installment Purchase for your Gold Purchase Plan

Installment purschases for your Gold Purchase Account Auvesta is the leading service provider offering their customers regular installment purchases and storage of their precious metals, with the purpose of accruing valuable precious metal holdings. Auvesta allows each customer to purchase physical Gold and Silver starting at $50.00 per month, with no contractual obligations for, purchases or deposits. If you desire to increase, reduce or stop payments to your account you are free to do so at any given time, Auvesta offers you a Buy-Back Guarantee which allows you to resell your precious metals during trading hours. In history, Gold has certainly proven to be the only commodity that has been secure and has retained its value over time.

An insured and safe procedure Your direct purchase is converted into pure Gold. Regular monthly purchases of Gold. Once your payment is received the purchase is immediately settled. Your payment will be converted into physical Gold immediately.

You need to have a backup plan. Gold is one of the options for a safe haven for you!

Gold is the Solution Gold deposits are depleting and the demand is rising Gold is recession-proof Gold can never be worthless Gold may be exempt from sales tax depending on your state of resident Gold is a mobile asset Gold is protection against inflation Gold is not affected by government decisions The Gold Purchase Plan is suitable for many areas Liquid Reserve
(free to purchase what, when and how much you want)

You determine the amount of the payments You can at any time change the amount of your payment, or suspend your payments.

Auvesta Edelmetalle AG  Auvesta is an international company sins 2007 with sales offices in:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Eastern Europe and USA.

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As gold and silver reserves come to an end, demand is increasing.
In uncertain times, gold and silver is an asset guaranteed to grow.

Palladium purifies hydrogen more effectively than any other material.
Platinum is the most valuable precious metal in the world.

GOLD is money the rest is credit

making access to precious metals possible for everyone !

Precious metals should be part of every portfolio

Precious metals provide a safeguard for your assets. Invest in precious metals now to secure your financial future and ensure peace of mind.

In the course of human history, gold has always retained its value, continues to do so today

Customers from 48 countries trust in Auvesta


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